The Scores

The Scores collection consists of mainly electronic style music. The music that I attempt to make is mainly focused for in-game soundtracks. These songs are inspired by electronic and hiphop elements and are created using Logic Pro. Below are the current tracks that I have available on soundcloud.

Natural Selection

This was the first song that I was able to create. It has some jazzy beats and a standard drumline.

On The John v2

On the John v2 is the second iteration of a song that I was able to come up with while on the john. My overall goal for this piece was to create something electronic with hiphop elements that could be used in a video game soundtrack.


Something was my third attempt at a song and my ideas for names started to dwindle. Like the previous piece, this also uses electronic elements. This piece provides more of a chearful theme.

i really dont know

i really dont know is an attempt at creating something fast paced and chearful. This song originally was going to be added to the soundtrack for SuperNova, but another piece is under development now that may be more fitting.