SuperNova - Escape!

Tap to escape the trailing super nova in this endless arcade classic! Carefully avoid the asteroids floating in space without slowing down... Tap too slowly and the super nova will surly catch up!

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Incrediball - The Endlessly Rolling Ball

Incrediball is the most incredible endless rolling ball experience. Steer the ball left and right on randomly generated paths to show your friends that you are truly incrediball

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Image Sharing Site

Upload photos to this image sharing site created for the Spring 2017 Advance Web Programming class. Leave comments or captions with hashtags, tag users, search for hashtags, and many more features.

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Great Musical Scores!

The Scores collection consists of mainly electronic style music. The music that I attempt to make is mainly focused for in-game soundtracks. These songs are inspired by electronic and hiphop elements and are created using Logic Pro. Below are the current tracks that I have available on soundcloud.

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Research Projects

Here are a few of the research projects that I have completed during my time at Rowan University. These projects were not part of any course curiculum and were sponsored by faculty at the university.

Halophila johnsonii Individual Based model (IBM)

This was the poster that I created to present my research on the seagrass, Halophila johnsonii under the super vision of Dr. Richmond. This was presented at the 2016 Rowan University STEM Symposium.

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Applying AI to Online Trading Card Games

This was the poster that my group and I created to present our research and project on the implementation of an AI into a trading card game. This was presented at the 2016 Rowan University STEM Symposium.

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